Chris Yangello

Chris Yangello is a content creator for Sony Music Entertainment's "REDMusic" Label. His passions include the production and creation of videos for major musicians such as 6lack, Lil Skies, Cash Cash, Lost Boy Crow, Jake Miller, Logan Henderson, LovelyTheBand, and much more. Chris also has experience in the field of music festivals, bolstering his career with top-named festivals such as Budweiser's Made in America Music Festival, Coachella, Rolling Loud and Firefly. You can read more on Chris with his Press links below. Chris also has an article on Yahoo Lifestyle.

Over the last few years, Chris has developed a lifestyle movement deemed "Forever*"; It's a personalized brand that promotes a lifestyle of adventure and memories. He has found success in the digital world of social media, pulling in almost 150,000 followers on Instagram alone. Recently, he's started a YouTube Channel which has gained popularity for his recent Behind the Scenes video of Lil Skies' new music video "Real Ties".

Chris is extremely determined to make it in a world where most 16 year olds are more focused on their chemistry grade than they are with the personal branding of their own name. You can find him on social media or in the press links below.


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